What is Moxabustion?


Moxabustion or moxa burning employs lighted herbal cones or sticks that are inserted on top of acupuncture needles (or held over specific channel points) to infuse heat and Qi into specific body areas for tonification.  Moxa is also used to expel Cold in order to disperse Blood stagnation or is used to help regulate menstrual cycles when trying to conceive.  

How does Oriental Medicine work?

Oriental Medicine works by reestablishing balance and harmony within the body. This balance is reestablished by supporting the body’s healthy energy and releasing any unhealthy energy. This system of medicine looks at the body and mind as a whole. An Oriental Medical Practitioner may also look at surroundings, environmental influences, and other external factors that may contribute to balance or unbalance in the body.

This balance is reestablished by cooling the body if it is too hot or heating the body if it is too cold. If the body is too wet, drying it out, or if it is too dry, moistening it. If something is too much, lessening it, and if something is too little building it up. If something is stuck, trying to move it and if something is flowing inappropriately, trying to make it flow in the right direction.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the placing of needles in specific spots on the body to affect Qi. Qi can be blocked in areas of the body and there can also be excessive amounts of Qi in other areas. The needles help the body to move Qi so that there is even distribution of Qi throughout the body.