Armand Crolli, Natural Consultant

Armand Crolli, Natural Consultant for Bioenergetic Analysis

Armand Crolli is certified in E.A.V., or Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll and in laser auricular (ear) acupuncture techniques. He is certified to assess current health parameters to develop personal nutritional protocols. Armand also has extensive hours of training in homeopathy, flower essences, psychotronics, aromatherapy, color, sound, and herbals. He is member of the American Herbalist Guild. He has been consulting for various practitioners in the greater area for over 19 years.


Mr. Crolli studied in Atlanta, Georgia where he obtained his Certification in E.A.V. (Electro-
Acupuncture according to Voll), successfully completing Level III, the highest attainable level.
E.A.V. is an energy technique during which the points of the hands and feet are tested to map
the Chi (energy) of the body and organ acupuncture meridian systems. The seminars were held
by Standard Enzyme of North America, a Georgia-based firm and distributor of homeopathic and
herbal preparations to practitioners in the U.S. E.A.V. studies were also taken with Dr. Andreas
Marx of Colorado, who is internationally recognized as an Electro-Acupuncture practitioner.
He studied with Dr. Michael Adams, N.D., who holds a Bachelor of Science in Human
Physiology, and is a licensed, practicing Naturopath in Ontario, Canada. Dr. Adams is also head
of the North American Auricular Association. Under his supervision, Mr. Crolli attended the
necessary seminars in auricular (ear) acupuncture techniques, completing all three required
levels and related clinical studies.
Mr. Crolli has also studied, and is certified in, the Dark Field Microscopy techniques according
to Dr. Prof. Enderlein with Dr. Maria Bleker of Germany/Spain, and Michael Coyle of Nu-Life
Sciences here in the United States. These studies include the use of herbals, nutrition and life-
style changes plus the suggestive interpretations of dried blood patterns for the enhancement of
one’s well being. He has also assisted at Dark Field Microscopy training courses in Toronto,
Canada and the U.S.A. for Nu-Life Sciences.
The concepts of Biological Terrain Assessment (B.T.A.) as taught by Robert Greenburg, D.C.,
F.A.S.A., have been integrated into his consultations. This is a scientific-based instrument to
measure the oxidative stress, pH, and resistivity of the body to assess current health parameters
to develop personal nutritional protocols. Mr Crolli has also taken training on how to interpret
the basic blood tests for nutritional suggestions, as taught by Dr. Harry Eidenier II, PhD.
Studies also include extensive hours in homeopathy with Robin Murphy, N.D., who teaches
the Sixth Organon LM Work of Samuel Hahnemann, plus ancient systems of healing that include
Egyptian alchemic herbals. There are on-going seminars and workshops in sound and color
modalities, herbal perspectives, energetic body techniques like Psychotrionics, plus many
aspects of holistic health education to bring a broad spectrum approach to his consultations.
Mr. Crolli was drawn to the study of natural healing over eighteen years ago after a long
period of chronic health concerns that were not able to be favorably resolved through traditional
medical means. Fascinated by the possibilities and having successful results with his own
pursuits, he felt drawn to educate himself further in this discipline, and has cultivated an adept
and on-going knowledge ever since. He has also served as a guest lecturer at a local hospital’s
“Living Strong with Cancer” program.
He has been working as a private consultant, subcontractor with holistically inclined
chiropractors, veterinary, dental and medical practitioners in the area for over nineteen years.
He has completed the Australian College of Phytotherapy as sponsored by the Texas Chiropractic
College and is a study-member of the American Herbalist Guild (AHG). He is also a Certified
Emotion Code™ Practitioner (CECP) and is able to do consultations world-wide.

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