What is Chinese pulse palpation?

One of the chief methods of diagnosis in Oriental Medicine is through “feeling the pulses.” The practitioner will take the pulse on both wrists. This looks a bit different than taking the pulse from a Western point of view. In Western medicine they are only concerned with how many beats per minute are being generated in the pulse. For Oriental Medicine much more information is gleaned from feeling the pulses.

chinese pulse diagnosisOn the thumb side of each wrist is a bone that runs down from the thumb, on the interior side of the wrist. The practitioner will place three fingers along this bone and feel the pulses in three distinct places on each wrist. Each of these places on the wrist correspond to an organ and its accompanying meridian or channel. The practitioner is then able to take the pulse for that particular organ and system, gleaning information on what may be going on in the body as a whole.

Category: Oriental Medicine

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