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Misnomer Alert: Alternative Medicine

We find the phrase alternative medicine problematic when describing what we do here. The phrase already brings to mind very specific ideas about who and what we are. None of which fit us.   First, let’s define the word alternative: – something available as another possibility where each option is mutually exclusive   – a …

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Vitality and Age Go to Battle

I spend a lot of time listening to people talk about their age.   When you work in a health related field, conversing about age is as common as conversing about the weather.   What is interesting is that age is often confused with vitality. What is the most common phrase I hear?  I feel so …

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24 hours. One day. What if you only got one? What would you do with it? Who would you see? How would you act? Where would you go? Fortunately most of us get more than one day to live out our lives. But for too many of us there seems to be something wrong with …

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