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Beliefs, Rationalizations, and the Effectiveness of Treatment

by Armand Crolli Did you ever have a therapy or modality have to be constantly repeated because the results didn’t hold for long periods of time?  Did you ever wonder why that was, when it was clearly working for others?Part of the reason for this is derived from belief.  A belief, as we define it …

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Four Letter Word

Fear. It has dominated most parts of my life. There have been many things I have done that I did not want to but was afraid to say no; there have been many things I have not done because I was afraid of doing them. In both directions, my life has been ruled by fear. …

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The Science of Distant Healing

The Science of Distant Healing By Srinivasan Pillay 200 There is much written about how our good intentions help others. But can your good intentions really reach someone who is not physically present, and how do we know this? In this column, I will present the current evidence that discusses this phenomenon and provide …

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