Are you concerned about the Covid-19 Virus?

Would you like some guidance and insight into how best to balance

your unique immune system?

We are offering a computerized, digital simulation of the virus in

order to perform a stress-analysis of your immune system’s reaction-
potential against the current viral challenges of this season.

The process involves matching a digital representation of the
frequency pattern of the virus to key immune system acupuncture
points and then electronically measuring your response to the
challenge. Subsequently, products or health practices would then be
recommended in order to counter-balance the challenging signal.
Ideal candidates are healthy people who want to say prepared, people
with pre existing conditions that would put them at risk.
We are offering three options basic 30min screening $75, basic plus
an evaluation of your existing supplements 90 min $150, or for
individuals on up to 5 pharmaceuticals 120 min $225 (so we can

research any possible interactions)

Herbals and homeopathic remedies will be suggested and available.
Not suitable for individuals with pace makers, history of seizures or

on more than 5 pharmaceuticals.

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