Bio-Energetic Analysis ~ This protocol is the most popular and versatile.  The practitioner uses electro-dermal screening to test the body for various stressors or support.  You can choose to have a session focus on:

  • Balancing the polarity of the body to support cleansing and detoxification
  • Identifying the energy patterns of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic materials that may stress your system
  • Indicating which foods create stress for you or foods that may have added energy value
  • Identifying stress sensitivities to heavy metals 
  • Identifying dental materials that are stressing your body’s bio-field
  • Identifying environmental sensitivities to yeasts, molds, fungi and other various allergens like dust, ragweed, and animal hair
  • Indicating vitamin, mineral, enzyme, and amino acid imbalances to help address deficiencies and find more beneficial products
  • Indicating what homeopathic remedies may be needed to help correct imbalances
  • Indicating which organ, glandular, or other system imbalances may predispose the body to an unhealthy state
  • Finding beneficial nutrition, herbs, and foods to support athletic performance
  • Balancing hormone and neurotransmitter stresses

Only one focus can be achieved in one session; however, subsequent sessions can have different focuses.

  • Initial appointment ~ $125  This session is an hour and a half.   At the end of the session, a plan will be developed around the focus that you came in for.  This typically includes recommendations for herbals or supplements that need to be purchased, patterns or habits that need to be changed to support your goal, and possible in house remedies.  Any remedies are an additional charge.  
  • Follow-up appointments ~ $98 This session is an hour.  It is usually booked 60 to 90 days from the last appointment.  You will go over how you have succeeded with your plan and create the next plan.  Any remedies are an additional charge.

For general balancing it will take 10 to 14 months to achieve lasting change, which may translate into 5 to 8 sessions.  If a problem is severe and chronic, it may take longer. Once the goal is reached, yearly or bi-yearly rechecks may be advisable.