What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial practitioners work with releasing painful muscle and fascial movement. Myofascial restrictions occur from trauma, surgery, and inflammatory processes throughout the body. These myofascial restrictions can produce pressures of approximately 2000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures that do not show up on any standard tests such as MRIs or x-rays. This enormous pressure acts like a “straightjacket” on muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and osseous structures producing the symptoms of pain, headaches, and restriction of motion and disease. Myofascial Release allows the chronic inflammatory response to resolve and eradicates the enormous pressure exerted on pain sensitive structures by myofascial restrictions to alleviate symptoms and allow the body’s natural healing capacity to function properly.

Water is essential for life and Myofascial Release works with the water relationship in the body. Fascia and proteins in the body, when properly hydrated, act as semiconductors of energy. Any communication in the body relies on water. A 10% change in water content can trigger a million fold change in charge transportation along a protein. Trauma and inflammatory processes dehydrate the fluid component of the fascial system and this inhibits the vital communication that flows through the liquidity of the fascial system and every cell of our body, ultimately producing pain. When these tissues are released, fluid can again flow and proper communication is restored.